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Reproductive Reflexology for Natural Conception

I have recently completed my training to practice as a Reproductive Reflexologist. I have specialised in working with pregnant women since 2004, but not really in this area, so this is something relatively new to me as a therapist, but an area I know I am really going to enjoy working in.

Latest fertility statistics show that infertility affects men and women equally. In couples experiencing infertility approximately 35% is due to female factors, 35% is due to male factors, 20% of cases have a combination of both male and female factors and the last 10% are unexplained causes - (taken from RMA Global).

That's quite a lot of couples having problems.  In general, if couples have been trying to conceive for more than twelve months with no success, (six months if they are over 35), then they can ask their GP for some base line tests to see if there is an obvious reason for them not conceiving. There are various blood tests to measure a women hormone levels at different stages of her cycle, plus she may be offered a pelvic scan to look at her uterus, ovaries and fallopian tubes. For men, they will be offered a semen analysis. Depending on the results, you may then be referred to see a consultant.




So how can Reproductive Reflexology help?

Reproductive Reflexology or Reproflexology as it is known, can be used as a stand alone treatment to enhance your natural fertility or with all forms of assisted conception including Clomid, IUI, IVF and ICSI. It can also be used to support couples using surrogacy or donor IVF cycles. (I will cover Reproflexology for assisted conception in my next blog post).

Barbara Scott has had over 25 years working with clients with fertility challenges and has put together a series of treatment protocols designed to work with the women's menstrual cycle to help regulate it and also for some of the different conditions that may be causing problems and so preventing conception. There are also protocols for men to help enhance and support semen production and quality.

What can you expect from Reproductive Reflexology treatments for natural conception?

Before starting any Reproflexology treatment, it is important that I gather as much information as I can about the challenges you face as a couple, so that I can work out an appropriate treatment plan for you, as every couples challenges will be different. I like to see both partners for the initial consultation as this enables me to get a fuller picture of your fertility challenges and how you are both feeling about them. Once we have booked your initial consultation, I will email you a Pre-Conceptual Questionnaire, which I will ask you to email back to me prior to our meeting.

Our initial consultation will take approximately 90 minutes and we will cover your gynaecologically history, general medical history; any medical tests you have had. We will also look at your lifestyle including, diet, sleep, exercise, as often simple changes here can make a big difference to you conceiving. You will also be able to ask me questions and discuss your concerns.

I will carry out a short assessment of the reproductive reflexes on your feet. We will then discuss and agree on an appropriate treatment plan for you as an individual or as a couple.

For my female clients I offer a 12 week treatment plan of weekly treatments throughout your first cycle and then we will review your cycle. We will then either carry on for another month of weekly treatments or switch to twice monthly treatments for your next 2 cycles. (Barbara has found that it often takes 12 weeks to regulate your menstrual cycle, hence why we have a 12 week plan). During this time I will ask you to take your Basal Body Temperature each morning and then chart it for me and email it to me the day before you come for your next treatment. Doing this allows me to assess:

The length of/and or irregularity of the menstrual cycle; at what stage and whether ovulation is taking place; is the correct type of cervical mucous being produced at the right time, i.e. at ovulation; what type of ovulation signs are clients experiencing, i.e. spotting, one sided ovulation pain or breast tenderness; how long is their luteal phase; are they producing sufficient progesterone for long enough; are they spotting prior to their bleed; are they having regular sex at the correct time and whether reflexology is having a positive effect on their cycle.

When couples have fertility challenges, the male partner often gets overlooked. A study carried out by researchers from Israel, the USA, Denmark, Brazil and Spain all concluded that since 1973, male fertility has dropped between 50 and 60% - thats staggering if you stop and think about it.

Men will be offered a semen analysis which will look at the volume of seminal fluid produced; the count, which is the number of sperm in each ml of seminal fluid and an overall count; the motility - the number of sperm that are 'swimming' and whether they are swimming progressively and lastly the morphology which is the formation of the sperm, and what kind of defects they might have, i.e. head, mid-piece or tail.

Many GP's will look at the results and presume that even if the sperm count is low, a natural conception is possible, but this is not always the case. Sperm take approximately 90-100 days to develop and mature, which means when you are reading test results, the sperm where produced roughly 3 months before.

Because it takes approximately 12 weeks for the sperm to develop and mature, I again have a 12 week treatment plan for my male clients. If possible I prefer them to have a semen analysis test done before we start treatment, so we have a base line to work with. I will then carry out 8 weekly treatments and then ask you to have another semen analysis test to see if there are any changes in the results. Depending on the results we will either carry on with weekly treatments for 4 more weeks or change to twice monthly treatments.



Obviously I can't promise you that you will be pregnant at the end of the 12 week treatment plan, but even if you are not pregnant, most of my clients feel really empowered by what they have learnt about their menstrual cycle and their body. This in itself can help reduce stress levels and give a feeling of being in control rather than everything being out of your control.

I offer a free 15 minute telephone consultation to see whether Reporeflexolgy would be beneficial to you, so please get in touch if you would like to find out more about this lovely therapy which may be able to help you on the journey to parenthood. 

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