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Throughout pregnancy a woman’s body undergoes tremendous changes, and all in a relatively short space of time. These changes occur not only physically, but emotionally too. 

The overall goals of prenatal massage are to help to minimise stress, to help promote relaxation and to help prepare the muscles for childbirth.

In a typical prenatal massage session I will carry out a detailed consultation of your medical history, presenting symptoms and your desired results. 

I will massage you in a side lying position and I have special bolsters and pillows to ensure you are safe and comfortable throughout your treatment.

Prenatal massage when incorporated into routine prenatal care may help to support physical and emotional health, which may improve pregnancy outcome and maternal health.

Treatment Price:  
£25.00 for 30 minutes 
£35.00 for 60 minutes 
£40.00 for 75 minutes

Although prenatal massage is considered safe during pregnancy for the majority of women, there are some conditions where prenatal massage is not advisable. Therefore it is important that prenatal massage is given by a practitioner who has specific training in this special area.

Please consult with your midwife or obstetrician before beginning any new therapeutic treatment.

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